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Interview 9-9-09

Let Freedom Rock Fest - July 4, 2007

2007 Concert Music


Title:Sjiwa Summer Rock Festival
Tour:Audio Visions
Place:Baarlo, The Netherlands
Venue:Horse Racing Course
Date:August 22, 1981

This is Kansas' first performance in The Netherlands and the next one would be almost a quarter of a century later (2005). The festival they played was organized to celebrate the first 10 years of a youth center called Sjiwa in the village of Baarlo. Other acts that day were: Girls Walk By, Jango Edwards, 38 Special and Foreigner.

Thanks to Kerrylives for making this available again,
this is an unbelievable show! -

Song For America

Got To Rock On


Point of Know Return

Dust In The Wind

Miracles Out Of Nowhere


Down The Road

Portrait (He Knew)

Carry On Wayward Son


70's Live Tracks






1978_Song For America

Kansas Masque Tour

Bryn Mawr, PA, USA

Villanova Field House

Feb 22, 1976

1976 Song For America

1976 Icarus BOWS

1976 Down The Road

1976 Lonely Street

1976 Lonely Wind

1976 Belexes

1976 Guitar Solo

1976 Child Of Innocence

1976 All The World

1976 Bring It On Back \ Can I Tell You *

Flashback: Borderline with Walsh on Vocals


80's Live Tracks






Unreleased Demo's

POKR Demo - Another Slant

VC Demo - Gun_Runner

VC Demo - Children of the Shadows

VC Demo - Breakout

VC demo - Up On A Shelf (V2)


Uninvited (Alanis Morissette cover)

New Jersey - July 4, 2007

Let Freedom Rock Fest

2007 Desperate Times

2007 Belexes

2007 Portrait (He Knew)

2007 Musicatto Medley

2007 Ghosts \ Rainmaker

2007 Eleanor Rigby

2007 Carry On Wayward Son

2007 Icarus

2007 Icarus II

2007 Hold On

2007 Sparks\Paradox

2007 Point of Know Return

2007 Miracles out of Nowhere

2007 Dust in the Wind

From kerrylives, member who provided the 1976 Recording.

Well this is pretty rare I guess, an excellent FM broadcast of Kansas during their Masque tour. I've never seen this one on any trade list, neither have I heard anybody mention it nor was I able to retrieve any information about it on the internet. This show comes from a silver CD I obtained some years ago called "Kansas - A Tour Digest 1976". Besides this show it has the 1976-01-25 Chicago show on a seperate disc. I'm almost certain both shows are incomplete since they clock in just over 1 hour.

Like I mentioned the quality of this one is excellent, much better than the versions of that other broadcast from the same era; the well known 1975-12-02 Pittsburgh show. According to Robby himself this was broadcasted on WMMR and it's almost perfect, having only a couple of minor glitches. I've used Sound Forge only to edit out the 10 seconds of dead air between All The World and Bringing It Back and do a quick fade out at the end of the last song since it ended abruptly*.

*UPDATE: Bringing It Back\Can I Tell You provided in it's entirety by Robert Schuman

What else can I say? This is some kick ass raw & early era Kansas material (which simply is the best live music ever imho) so enjoy and spread it around I'd say.